Molina Healthcare Champion Recognition

by Helen Palomino

Molina Healthcare has been doing this community champion recognition for some time but this event was the first one in Imperial Valley. We are proud for Ray Valenzuela as he was recognized as one of the three recipients! He makes us all very proud! Congratulations Ray! Ray selected CRCD as the agency of his choosing to donate.   We also want to congratulate Rita Cortez and Rosa Diaz as the other two recipients.  

Festival Sobreviviente de Cancer 2015

by Helen Palomino

Cada año CRCD y el comité del Campout eligen un tema diferente para el campamento. Este año elegimos "Honrar a nuestras estrellas." Y este año vamos a organizaremos el "Festival Sobreviviente de Cancer", este no será un Campout como le hemos venido realizando en años anteriores.

CRCD te invita a participar al evento de la alfombra roja, donde honraremos a nuestros sobrevivientes por las enseñanzas que nos han otorgado convirtiéndose en los personajes principales y las estrellas que protagonizan nuestra película de vida; también recordaremos a nuestras estrellas que se han adelantando en este viaje.

Por favor, haznos saber si tu directamente estás dispuesto / disponible para ayudar en nuestro evento o si conoces a alguien que quiera y pueda sumarse a este fabuloso evento.
Vamos a necesitar toda la ayuda que podamos conseguir!
Llámenos al (760) 353 6571 para que podamos tomar tu información.

Cancer Survivor Fest 2015

by Helen Palomino

Every year CRCD and the Campout committee choose a different theme for the campout. This year we are “Honoring our Stars.” And this year we will be having a Cancer Survivor Fest, not a regular Campout.

CRCD invites you to participate in this year red carpet event where we honor our survivors and remember those who passed by honoring them for who they are; as the main character and the star that they portray on our life movie.

Please let us know if you're willing/available to help at our event. 
We are going to need all the help we can get! 
Give us a call to (760)353 6571 so we can take your information.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Support Group: A Space for Expression, Relief

by Helen Palomino

As patient navigator that CRCD counts with, and one of the facilitators of the AVON/Pfizer program, I have learned many things from both the Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) patients and their caregivers.

I’ve realized the amount of support they need; a support that hadn’t been in place. Thanks to the grant we received from AVON/Pfizer, we were able to open this space for these women and their loved ones. We are able to offer support groups, follow-up calls, and even home visits.

This past session, we invited a psychologist from Mexicali so that we could all learn from Laugh Therapy. These ladies had fun, they laughed, and they learned a new technique that can help them get through one more day. Our sessions are not always, filled with sadness, tears, and anger they can also be filled with joy, laughs, and overall support.

A space where they can express themselves without worrying about judgment. A space that is filled with complete respect. Just as these women and their loved ones are receiving this amazing support, I would like every MBC patient to receive it.

Aday Urias, BSW

Patient Navigator

For more information about our support group, please visit us:

Cancer Resource Center of the Desert

444 S 8th ST Suite B-3

El Centro, CA 92243

Tel. 760-353-6571 Fax. 760-353-6281

Run walk 5K

by Helen Palomino

In honor of Patricia Ann Medina, who dedicated herself to selfless service and helping others. Thank you all for suportting the cause!

We want to thank Imperial Valley College ESL-15 for their contribution. Thank you for supporting CRCD!

Outstanding Field Instructor 2015

by Helen Palomino

MSW Helen Palomino received an award as field instructor of the year 2015 for NAU (Northern Arizona University) It makes CRCD very proud to have Helen with us.

Congratulations Helen! 

Thank you for joining us in providing a guiding hand and compassionate heart to cancer patients in our community.

"She helps cancer patients who are in crisis and isolated due to their illness. Many of them lack the information and service needed to make their illness easier to cope with." - Karla Y Diaz

Our Special delivery has arrived!

by Helen Palomino

We want to welcome the main stars for the "Desert Lily Campaign" our lilies. They are looking beautiful and ready to go.  Remember that  your participation will help us to continue in the service of cancer patients in our Imperial County communities.

Each lily bouquet consists of ten stems.  Each stem will produce 3-5 blooms. Thus each bouquet will provide 30-50 flowers.  A vase is included with each bouquet.

We have our first deliveries done already. The second round will begin on March 17th so orders for these deliveries must be in by March 12th

If you have any questions please contact your CRCD volunteer or the office at 353.6571 toll free at 1.866.423.CRCD. or by email

Thank you for joining us in providing a guiding hand and compassionate heart to all those dealing with a cancer diagnosis in our community.

PAM Fun Run Walk 5K

by Helen Palomino

In honor of Patricia Ann Medina, who dedicated herself to selfless service and helping others, all proceeds will go to support the Cancer Resource Center of the Desert and the Imperial Valley College Foundation on April Saturday 25th.  

Either run or walk 3.2 miles (5K) and after you cross the finish line join us for more fun in at the IVC Swimming Pool.

Come dressed in red/pink/black or white to support the cause!

Event details and schedule

5K start time will be 8am.  Regisration table will be open by 7am near the IVC sport fields complex, just west of the IVC Depaoli Sports Complex.  

The race course will start and end near the IVC track and will take runners in a fun jog around the beautiful fields near campus.  

Parking will be Free and the lots south of the gym will be the best to use.  Bring your registration email along with a swimsuit if you plan on swimming after the Fun|Run.

Start time - 8 : 00 AM

Registration deadline - April 15, 2015 $ 25.00 after $ 30.00

The charity bike ride was a success!

by Helen Palomino


About 215 riders participated in the second annual 3:10 to Yuma Charity Bike ride this past Saturday, up from 86 in last year’s inaugural.

Although the event was not a race but a charity ride to raise money for the Cancer Resource Center of the Desert, many riders used the occasion to test their strength. A four-man breakaway completed the 60 miles in 2 hours, 15 minutes, with an average speed of 26.6 mph.

The oldest cyclist was Ray Soto, who at 81 years of age completed the distance with a remarkable time of 2:45 (21.8 mph average speed).

The event was put on by the Imperial Valley Velo Club of El Centro.

“Many riders thanked me for putting on the event. That’s always gratifying,” said club president and race director Brian McNeece. “But the best feeling is to see novice riders giving themselves a challenge and completing it. Their joy and pride is infectious.”

We want to thank the Imperial Valley Velo Club for this amazing effort and such a tremendous event.

If you are interested to have more information of the Club and their activities follow the link below.

For support and Donations to the Cancer Resource Center of the Desert, follow the link below.


ECPD Helps Cancer Resource Center of the Desert

by Helen Palomino

El Centro Police Chief Eddie Madueno presented to our Cancer Resource Center of the Desert (CRCD) Executive Director Diana Peacher with a $2,000 check generated from the police department´s "Pink Patch Project".

The funds will be used to help the Patient Navigation that cancer patients in the Imperial Valley needs and more issues that CRCD provide.

There is still a limited amount of El Centro Police Department "Pink Patches" available for sale for $10 each as part of the fundraiser. 

For more information with Ed Preciado at El Centro Police Athletic League (PAL) 760-337-4577  

Desert Lily Campaign 2015

by Helen Palomino

We welcome our annual fundraising event the "Desert Lily Campaign". Your participation will help us to continue in the service of cancer patients in our Imperial County communities.

Each lily bouquet consists of ten stems.  Each stem will produce 3-5 blooms. Thus each bouquet will provide 30-50 flowers.  A vase is included with each bouquet.  A care card will be provided to assist with optimum floral benefit.  Please note that because this flower does not have a pungent scent it is less likely to cause allergic reactions.

Please note we require orders to be turned in by Wednesday, March 4th   for the first round of deliveries which will begin on March 10th. The second round will begin on March 17th so orders for these deliveries must be in by March 11th

If you have any questions please contact your CRCD volunteer or the office at 353.6571 toll free at 1.866.423.CRCD. or by email

Thank you for joining us in providing a guiding hand and compassionate heart toall those dealing with a cancer diagnosis in our community.

3:10 to Yuma Charity Bike Ride

by Helen Palomino

This is a mostly flat ride alongside the All-American Canal, which has delivered water to Imperial County since 1942. During this time of year, west winds are common. Fly to Yuma with us!

There are two separate start lines: 60-mile ride from Imperial Valley Mall in El Centro to the Colorado River--4th Avenue exit in Yuma. The 30-mile ride starts where Highway 98 ends at Interstate 8 .

Once in Yuma follow signs to old downtown Yuma. Follow signs to Lute's Casino for t-shirt and medal (first 100 riders).

3:10 to Yuma Charity Bike Ride

Proceeds go to the Cancer Resource Center of the Desert

Imperial Valley Velo Club


$30 until Feb 21, then $35

Online registration dateline Feb 21.

Additional Date Information

60-mile start 8:00 a.m. 30-mile start 9:00 a.m.

Online Donations

Click here to donate to Cancer Resource Center of the Desert

AVON-Pfizer Grant Program

by Helen Palomino

On January 27, 2015 CRCD was chosen as one of 23 grant recipients for the AVON-PFIZER Metastatic Breast Cancer Grants Program: Identify-Amplify-Unify. The program, run by Pfizer Inc. and the AVON Foundation for Women, granted a total of $ 1 million to 23 organizations nationwide to support and educate metastatic breast cancer patients (MBC), their caregivers, and their communities. The program was created in June 2014 to support advocacy, academic and other nonprofit organizations that provide information and services to help people with MBC navigate the medical and emotional challenges associated with their disease.

"To date, the majority of public attention on and funding for breast cancer has centered on early stage disease-such as screening strategies and survivorship- not on late-stage diagnose. As a result, the AVON-Pfizer Metastatic Grant Program was established to address the gaps in support available to women and men living with metastatic disease, and to create new services for metastatic patients so they do not have to face this disease alone," Said Marc Hurlbert, executive director of the AVON Foundation for Women Breast Cancer Crusade. "Our hope is that one day all patients can access the unique care and support services they need, regardless of their ability to pay".

MBC is the most advance stage of breast cancer and occurs when cancer spreads beyond the breast to other parts of the body, including bones, lungs, liver and brain. Nearly three in 10 women who have had early breast cancer will eventually develop metastatic disease. There is no cure, and patients are in treatment until there are no other options. 


Campout Against Cancer 2014

by Helen Palomino

Good afternoon, friends.

In all sincerity, I want to thank all of you for your efforts in raising awareness and funds for the Cancer Resource Center of the Desert over the the last several months. We are humbled by your consideration of CRCD as worthy of the hard work that you put into making our event a success.

Some of you are there for the cancer patients that were not with us this year, others for those that are still with us, and still others participate for those that will join the ranks of cancer survivors in the coming years. For whomever your reason is for being there, we sincerely thank you.

This year there were 219 survivors that registered prior to and at the event. WOW! Thank you to the Survivor committee, Maria, Joanne, Jessie, and Reyna who worked so hard to accommodate each and every one. Also thank you to all who donated gifts to the survivors. Once again, there were enough gifts for each survivor that attended! Thank you Team Hope for making your campsite available for the Survivor pics. It is a highlight for so many of our Survivors and for us. Thanks also to Joselito who volunteers his time and talent to take their pictures. 

The Luminarias are one of the most challenging aspects of the Campout. Well over 1,500 candles were lit on the track again this year. And, again, Reyna and her crew did an outstanding job of making it happen. We are deeply indebted to Reyna and her team for all of the work involved in making that happen. Of course, thank you to Sylvia for taking charge of the names, making the labels, and preparing the list for the ceremony itself. Thank you also to Sylvia, Darrel, and Ceci for reading the names for us and to the Ooh La La dancers for the beautiful dancing that made the ceremony so beautiful. The video of Adrian and Rosa was produced by Luis who did a great job of capturing their stories.

Nancy and her crew did a great job at entertainment and again, working as a team, they made the event fun...Oh Nancy!

Thank you to the Estrada and Valencia family for the delicious food and drink and for taking care of feeding our Survivors and their guests.

I also want to acknowledge the registration team who worked hard all night in making sure that everyone had a wristband who entered and taking care of the entertainers coming through the gate. Thank you Richard for participating with us again this year at registration. 

I could write a book, as you can see. Each and every one of you are awesome and we are most grateful. When asked for help, you stepped up to the plate. I think that the most impressive aspect of this event, is the way that we work together as a team. The cooperation that occurs with such a diverse group of people is phenomenal and rare. I believe that it works  because we never lose sight of why we are there. 

Finally, thanks to Ruby for coordinating the entire event and keeping us organized. My deepest respect and admiration to you.

While there is still money coming in, at this point we have raised $60,000!!! Congratulations to you all for that!

Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all. We are deeply indebted and hopeful that you will consider CRCD as worthy of your efforts again next year. Hope to see you then.

Diana Peacher, CEO, Patient Navigator
Cancer Resource Center of the Desert

Bailando por un Sueno, Match Up!

by Helen Palomino

Mercedes Watson, MSW at the Cancer Resource Center of the Desert and Oscar Garcia, Executive producer of Blanc Image Productions meet to match up the Bailando por un Sueno stars with 6 childhood cancer patients. The event is scheduled to take place on Friday, October 24th at Cheval Farms. Please contact CRCD for more information 760-353-6571

Mercedes Watson, MSW en el Centro de Recursos para el Cáncer del Desierto y Oscar García, productor ejecutivo de Blanc Image Productions se reúnen para coincidir a las estrellas de Bailando por  Sueno con los 6 pacientes de cáncer infantil. El evento está programado para llevarse a cabo el Viernes, 24 de octubre en Cheval Farms. Por favor, póngase en contacto con CRCD para más información 760-353-6571

Regular Aspirin Use May Reduce Risk of Multiple Myeloma

by Helen Palomino

A study of close to 31,000 men in the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study and approximately 86,000 women in the Nurses’ Health Study found that individuals who took five or more adult-strength aspirin a week to treat health problems had a 39 percent lower risk of developing multiple myeloma than those who did not take aspirin. The researchers say these findings suggest the need for a clinical trial of aspirin use in individuals with smoldering myeloma or monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS), a risk factor for multiple myeloma.

Learn more in the January 2014 Cancer Prevention Research and the Cancer Today Magazine


Un estudio de cerca de 31.000 hombres en el Health Professionals Follow-Up Study y aproximadamente 86.000 mujeres en el Estudio de Salud de Enfermeras encontró que los individuos que tomaron cinco o más adultos-fuerza aspirina a la semana para tratar problemas de salud tenían un riesgo 39 por ciento menor de desarrollar mieloma múltiple que aquellas que no tomaron aspirina. Los investigadores dicen que estos hallazgos sugieren la necesidad de un ensayo clínico del uso de aspirina en individuos con mieloma indolente o gammapatía monoclonal de significado incierto (GMSI), un factor de riesgo para el mieloma múltiple. 

Más información en la edición de Enero 2014 de Prevención de Investigación del Cáncer y   Cáncer Magazine Today

Milk and Rice Soup

by Helen Palomino

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Start to Finish: 35 minutes

4 Servings


1 cup uncooked regular long-grain rice

2 cups water

2 bananas

2 1/2 cups almond milk, soymilk

2 tablespoon sugar

  • In a 2- quart saucepan, heat rice and water to boiling. Reduce heat to low; cover and simmer about 15 minutes or until water is absorbed and rice is tender. Let stand about 10 minutes or until cool enough to eat, or refrigerate.
  • In medium bowl, completely mash bananas. stir in cooked rice, milk and sugar. Serve inmediatly . Cover and refrigerate any remaining soup.


Tiempo de preparación: 10 minutos 

Principio a fin: 35 minutos 

4 Porciones 


1 taza de arroz crudo de grano largo normal 

2 tazas de agua 

2 plátanos 

2 1/2 tazas de leche de almendras, leche de soja 

2 cucharadas de azúcar.

En una cacerola de 2 cuartos, pon arroz y el agua a ebullición. Reduce el fuego a bajo; cubra y cocine a fuego lento unos 15 minutos o hasta que se absorba el agua y el arroz esté tierno. Deja reposar unos 10 minutos o hasta que esté lo suficientemente fría para comer, o refrigerar. 
En un tazón mediano, aplasta completamente los plátanos hasta hacerlos puré. Revuelve el arroz cocido, leche y azúcar. Sirvelo inmediatamente. Cubre y refrigera cualquier restante de la sopa.