Save the Date! October 14th, 2017

The purpose of the Survivor Fest...

to raise money for the Cancer Resource Center of the Desert and honor cancer survivors in our community.  CRCD has helped well over 2,200 cancer patients living in Imperial County since 2006.  CRCD is a small community based non-profit organization that provides free services to the Imperial County community.  With your help our doors will continue to stay open for our community. 


  • Teams are usually made of 10 or more people.
    • Invite your family members, coworkers and friends!  
    • Register each survivor and a guest for a free dinner, raffle tickets, gifts and more! 
  •  There is a $100 registration fee. 
    • this amount is part of your fundraiser.  
  • Goal is that each team raise a minimum of $1,000
    • Ask 10 of your friends to donate $100 = $1,000
  • Name your team!
    • You can honor a cancer survivor and use their name. 
    • Or make up a fun name that represents your team
  • The day of the event:
    • Each team will decorate their space with fall colors and incorporate the Cancer Color that has affected your loved ones.
    • Each team is required to have a Carnival Game at their booth for lots of fun. 

Join us at our next team meeting! For more information:

  • Tel. 760-353-6571
  • Email: