Metastatic Breast Cancer Support Group: A Space for Expression, Relief

by Helen Palomino

As patient navigator that CRCD counts with, and one of the facilitators of the AVON/Pfizer program, I have learned many things from both the Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) patients and their caregivers.

I’ve realized the amount of support they need; a support that hadn’t been in place. Thanks to the grant we received from AVON/Pfizer, we were able to open this space for these women and their loved ones. We are able to offer support groups, follow-up calls, and even home visits.

This past session, we invited a psychologist from Mexicali so that we could all learn from Laugh Therapy. These ladies had fun, they laughed, and they learned a new technique that can help them get through one more day. Our sessions are not always, filled with sadness, tears, and anger they can also be filled with joy, laughs, and overall support.

A space where they can express themselves without worrying about judgment. A space that is filled with complete respect. Just as these women and their loved ones are receiving this amazing support, I would like every MBC patient to receive it.

Aday Urias, BSW

Patient Navigator

For more information about our support group, please visit us:

Cancer Resource Center of the Desert

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El Centro, CA 92243

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