Desert Lily Campaign 2015

by Helen Palomino

We welcome our annual fundraising event the "Desert Lily Campaign". Your participation will help us to continue in the service of cancer patients in our Imperial County communities.

Each lily bouquet consists of ten stems.  Each stem will produce 3-5 blooms. Thus each bouquet will provide 30-50 flowers.  A vase is included with each bouquet.  A care card will be provided to assist with optimum floral benefit.  Please note that because this flower does not have a pungent scent it is less likely to cause allergic reactions.

Please note we require orders to be turned in by Wednesday, March 4th   for the first round of deliveries which will begin on March 10th. The second round will begin on March 17th so orders for these deliveries must be in by March 11th

If you have any questions please contact your CRCD volunteer or the office at 353.6571 toll free at 1.866.423.CRCD. or by email

Thank you for joining us in providing a guiding hand and compassionate heart toall those dealing with a cancer diagnosis in our community.